Die Revolution der Tablet-Nutzung: Warum das savepad Nova ECO die beste Wandhalterung für Ihr iPad und Tablet ist

Transforming Tablet Usage: Why Savepad's Nova ECO is the Ultimate Wall Mount for Your iPad and Tablet

Tablets are now indispensable in our daily lives, serving as more than just entertainment devices; they're valuable tools for a wide range of professional and personal settings. The Nova ECO wall mount addresses the challenges that come with frequent tablet use, offering versatile solutions from smart home integration to professional applications. Discover what makes this product so special in this blog post.

Key Features of the Nova ECO Wall Mount

Quick and Easy Setup

The Nova ECO wall mount is designed for effortless installation, making it accessible even for those without advanced DIY skills. With just four screws and an included mounting kit, you can have the mount set up and ready to use in mere minutes. 

Sophisticated and Smart Cable Management

A standout feature of the Nova ECO wall mount is its concealed cable management system, which seamlessly blends cables into the overall design. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also simplifies cable organization and reduces tripping hazards.

Enhanced Compatibility with VESA Mounts

The Nova ECO wall mount works well with various VESA mounts, enhancing your options for where to install it and making it a flexible solution for diverse interior settings.

Cutting-Edge Charging Features with POE Support

The built-in charging feature keeps your tablet constantly operational, and it's innovative POE (Power over Ethernet) support offers a stable, hassle-free power source without the need for a separate adapter.

Convenient Access to the Power Button

The clever design of the Nova ECO wall mount allows easy access to the tablet's power button, even when the mount is locked. This eliminates the need to remove the tablet for powering it on or off.

Wide Range of Color Options

The Nova ECO wall mount comes in standard black and white options, but we also provide the flexibility to customize the mount in a special RAL color to seamlessly blend with your interior decor.

Eco-Friendly and Durable Materials

The Nova ECO wall mount is crafted from eco-friendly, PLA and features a surface treated with an environmentally conscious painting technique. This enhances both its durability and its positive impact on the environment.

Built-In Security

The Nova ECO wall mount boasts a sturdy design and a unique locking mechanism, providing essential built-in security. This feature is especially valuable in public or high-traffic settings.

Customizable Solutions for Various Tablet Models

If your tablet model isn't listed among the compatible devices, we're prepared to create a custom solution to meet your specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that the Nova ECO wall mount can accommodate a broad array of devices.

Easy Wall Mounting with Orientation Choices

With the Nova ECO wall mount, wall mounting is made easy and hassle-free. You have the option to choose between portrait and landscape orientations, allowing you to use your tablet in the most convenient manner for your needs.

Ideal for Common 10-inch Tablets

The Nova ECO wall mount is designed to accommodate a variety of tablet sizes, including the popular 10-inch format used by brands like Samsung in their GalaxyTab A8 series. This ensures you have a stable and secure mounting solution that is ideally suited for commonly used tablet sizes.

Smart Home Integration

The Nova ECO wall mount enables you to transform your tablet into a centralized control hub for your smart home, seamlessly integrating with popular smart technologies like lighting, thermostats, and security cameras. This makes it easier than ever to manage a connected home environment.

Versatile Uses of the Nova ECO Wall Mount

Optimizing Workspace in the Office

With its sleek, contemporary design, the Nova ECO wall mount seamlessly integrates into any office setting. Whether it's a conference room or a private office, this mount enhances efficiency while maintaining a clutter-free workspace.

Enhancing Customer Experience in Retail and Services

The Nova ECO wall mount serves as an ideal choice for retail and service businesses. It can function as an informational kiosk or manage other in-store devices.

Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency

In healthcare settings such as clinics, hospitals, and medical offices, the Nova ECO wall mount facilitates secure and efficient management of patient information.

Elevating the Dining Experience

In dining and entertainment venues like restaurants, cafes, and bars, the Nova ECO wall mount serves multiple functions—from managing music and lighting to acting as a digital menu or order-taking interface.

Enhancing Fitness and Sports Facilities

In fitness centers and sports facilities, the Nova ECO wall mount serves as a versatile hub for controlling workout programs, managing music, displaying exercise guides, and even handling membership details.

Elevating Theaters and Art Galleries

In cultural venues like theaters and art galleries, the Nova ECO wall mount offers a centralized solution for managing lighting and audio, as well as providing interactive information for guests.

Streamlining Information and Services at Airports and Train Stations

The Nova ECO wall mount acts as a reliable hub for displaying flight and train timetables, while also serving as an effective medium for showcasing ads or public announcements.

Enhancing Commuter Experience in Public Transportation

On buses and trains, the Nova ECO wall mount reliably displays route details, stops, and ads. Its durable design is built to endure daily usage.

Elevating Learning Environments in Libraries and Educational Institutions

In educational settings like schools and colleges, the Nova ECO wall mount functions as a digital bulletin board or a gateway to learning materials.

Showcasing Excellence in Exhibition and Event Halls

At trade fairs and conferences, the Nova ECO wall mount excels in showcasing product details, interactive catalogs, or corporate presentations.

Improving Quality of Life in Retirement Homes

In senior living facilities, the Nova ECO wall mount serves as a versatile display for daily activities, meal options, and as a communication hub for residents and employees.

Fostering Community Engagement in Centers and Churches

In such venues, the Nova ECO wall mount can serve as a digital board for event updates, community announcements, or as a control center for room lighting and sound.


In summary, the Nova ECO wall mount stands out as the premier choice for tablet mounting, offering unmatched flexibility, security, and user-friendliness. Suitable for both residential and professional settings, this wall mount goes above and beyond to meet all your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions and Customer Support

In this final section, we aim to address some common queries:

- Why is the Charging Feature Crucial?

In today's fast-paced world, whether you're navigating business meetings or juggling family responsibilities, a reliable power source is essential. The Nova ECO wall mount ensures your tablet is always charged and ready to go.

- What Benefits Does POE Offer?

Power over Ethernet (POE) not only streamlines the setup process but also provides a consistent and dependable power supply for your tablet. This means your device will always be operational when you need it most.

- How Secure is the Nova ECO Wall Mount?

Hidden fasteners that secure both components of the mount, prevent unauthorized access, offering robust protection against theft.

- Why Opt for a 10-Inch Tablet?

A 10-inch tablet is versatile enough for a variety of tasks, from video calls to streaming movies. The Nova ECO wall mount ensures your tablet is securely positioned at the ideal height.

- What Does 'Seamless Integration' Mean?

The Nova ECO wall mount is engineered for effortless integration into your existing smart home ecosystem. With a wall-mounted tablet, you have a centralized control hub for all your smart devices.

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